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Sleigh Ride in Tatra National Park

I’ve just received this very nice review on Trip Advisor , I know that publishing such reviews is extremely immodest but I hope you will forgive me: „If you book with a lady called Barbara you will be in good hands
This was a once in a lifetime incredible experience. We were picked up in a warm vehicle. Jurek introduced himself beautifully.He told us about the journey to meet our sleigh driver.He was lovely and we had an unforgettable experience riding through the national park.If you are well dressed it’s fine they have lambswool blankets.A Hot water bottle we took helped with cold fingers due to taking too many pictures!
Then we had the best app!e pie and cream with blueberries and hot chocolate at the restaurant at the end of the journey.
After a shorter journey back we were happy to see our car ready to take us to our hotel as it was a bit chilly.The incredible trip ended with a brilliant touch.A Souvenir sleigh bell from Barbara. aN amazing time never to be forgotten. ”
Thank you very, very much Angela !!


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